Last night I was sitting in my room, stewing.  I could not kick this feeling that was creeping all around me.  Instead of going to sleep feeling miserable, I chose to sit with the feeling and figure out what exactly it was that I was facing.  Maybe anger, that is an old familiar friend.  But it was not that powerful.  With just a little bit more time, I came to see that I was sitting with a growing resentment, for me, more dangerous than anger.

I went through the list of things I could to alleviate my discomfort.  I could make a gratitude list– but I’d already done that.  I could call or text a friend, but I was not really in a place where I felt like talking to anyone.  So I decided to take out my oils and find one that would address some of the emotional needs that I was having.

What I found?  Resentment=Thyme

Thyme, the oil of releasing and forgiving, was exactly what I needed.  My reaction to the initial smell, disdain, told me that I was onto something.  I have found with EO’s that I rarely love the smell of something I actually need for my emotional state of mind.  When it is needed, it is a smell I’d rather not be a part of.  In any case, I applied the oil to my heart chakra, the back of my neck, the bottoms of my feet and inhaled it deeply. Then I laid down and did self reiki.  I placed my hands over my heart, followed by my hands behind my neck, followed by my hands over my eyes, and ended with my hands on my crown.  My hands rested in each position for approximately 5 minutes per position.  The after effects?  Relief from the feelings I’d been harboring before.

I felt less clogged, no more doom creeping around me, and an over all opening in places that had been filled with agitation.  Part mediation, part EO, part reiki.  The result was remarkable, fast,  and forgiving.  When little bouts of this feeling occurred the following morning, a small inhalation, brought me right back to where I was the night before.  Amazing!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a follow up where I continue my Thyme journey in the kitchen 🙂