Yesterday, I began a new journey.  It is not a unique one in the greater sense, it is however, new to me.  I decided that I wanted to bring my meditation practice in a different direction.  Rather than sitting in silence, letting my own human thoughts pass me by, and listening for answers; I was compelled to invite spirits– of loved ones who had past and of living ones who needed spiritual guidance– to join me.

A very typical meditation session up to this point looked like this:  I would sit in a comfortable position, usually with my legs crossed, and my hands either opened and relaxed in my lap or in prayers position.  I would set a timer and commence meditating.  Sometimes I would be silent, other times I would chant, still other times I would ask my spirit guides to sit with me and remove whatever was not serving me.

I am changing my method and beginning this blog.

Last night, I sectioned my meditation area on the floor, off with white crystals– Selenite and clear quartz, I cleansed my body with a palo santo aura spray, and I sat cross legged on my living room floor.  I recited the reiki gokai five times, breathed deeply into my lower abdomen, and invited two spirits: one recently passed and one still living to join me in my meditation.  Neither of these spirits have any experience with meditation. Both can benefit from guidance.

We sat together.  Me leading by example, explaining and showing my process.  They each acted differently.  One worked hard to emulate the process: listening, learning, and observing.  The other sat by watching and fidgeting.  Each had an awareness of their own spirit guide tribe and was tentative to trust them.  For ten minutes we sat together.  Learned together.  Tried to understand each other.  For ten minutes we meditated.