My Breakthrough Oil: Spikenard

Everyone who becomes an essential oil student has a breakthrough oil.  Everyone.  Your story might not be a miracle, it may not be spectacular, it may not even be cool.  But what I have found, in my discussions with other essential oil people, is that everyones breakthrough oil is the ..Continue Reading

It’s time to talk about Thyme

Last night I was sitting in my room, stewing.  I could not kick this feeling that was creeping all around me.  Instead of going to sleep feeling miserable, I chose to sit with the feeling and figure out what exactly it was that I was facing.  Maybe anger, that is ..Continue Reading

When in a pinch… Roasting Chicken with EO’s

This weekend I found myself in a pinch, while elbow deep in a cooking project.  Not only was I lacking the lemon I needed for my roasted chicken, but I was also completely out of several other herbs I had planned to use.  As I started digging through my spices ..Continue Reading

Meditating with spirit guides

Yesterday, I began a new journey.  It is not a unique one in the greater sense, it is however, new to me.  I decided that I wanted to bring my meditation practice in a different direction.  Rather than sitting in silence, letting my own human thoughts pass me by, and ..Continue Reading